Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pewter People in A Mouse

Rock & Sole
If you made a reputation for yourself in the old days, you used to get a sandwich named after you. Now you get a shoe. On May 14, Christ-worshipping independent-rock eccentrics the Danielson Famile (or Tri-Danielson, as they are also known) appeared at the opening of the new John Fluevog shoe store at 250 Mulberry Street, both to christen it with a song and to celebrate the release of their namesake footwear, the Familevog, a clunky white leather loafer adorned with a red heart that clearly was designed to complement the doctor's scrubs and nurse's uniforms favored by the band members. According to a company employee, the shoe is made of "100-percent natural" and "biodegradable" materials.
The Danielsons reciprocated this honor by performing a new song dedicated to the Familevog that will be given away with the purchase of a pair. The tune was titled … well, what was it called, anyway? The shoe company's founder, John Fluevog, identified the song as "'Flim Flam Fluevog Flam,' I think? Something like that."
Actually it's "Flip Flop Flim Flam," and with lyrics such as "Fancy free juice flop flim flam / A Fluevog toe jam," Danielson leader Daniel Smith characterized it as a song about "the spirituality of feet."
Mr. Danielson told The Transom that he initiated the idea of a Danielson show with Mr. Fluevog. "I build houses. I first thought of this exchange while working on a roof," he said. "I was having troubling thoughts. I was thinking, 'Why am I doing this? Shouldn't I be writing songs?' I was daydreaming and thought of Fluevog," Mr. Danielson continued. "I had a strong feeling John's shoes were coming from a creative Christ." Perhaps this was evidenced by the proverb "Sole blessings on all who enter" scrolled over the portal to the store's back room.
But later, Mr. Danielson admitted that he may also have been motivated by less spiritual impulses. "Of course," he said, "I was also hoping all along that he would make some shoes for me."
–D. Strauss


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